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Olive oil extra vergine 100% italian 1l Grezzona Levante

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Olive oil extra vergine 100% italian 1l Grezzona Levante.

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Produced exclusively from olives from Italian plantations. Extravergine oil is the most important element of the Mediterranean diet, it has a characteristic, fruity aftertaste and a beautiful golden-green color. It perfectly enriches the taste of salads, vegetables, soups, fish and grilled meats. Extremely tasty even on a regular piece of bread.

Unfiltered oil is often called a specific beaujolais nouveau among oils, because it is an exceptionally young oil, with a very fresh, pleasant, but strong taste and aroma. Unfiltered olive oil in Italy tastes best "straight from the peasant", directly from the frantoio, almost immediately after pressing. It is a very thick and cloudy oil, which is ideal for use both cold for salads, fresh vegetables and hot, for seasoning soups , stew or pouring hot bruschetta. Unfiltered olive oil is, in short, a delicacy for every fan of freshly pressed olive oil. It is an olive oil that perfectly reflects the taste and aroma of the highest-class olives from which it was pressed, often reminiscent of the pleasant taste of a green tomato or just cut grass.


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