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IPbake ISP5 MICROMIX Spiral Mixer

Product available (delivery time 2-5 days)

Professional spiral mixer with adjustable speed and a capacity of 5 kg. The highest speed of 300 rpm on the market allows you to knead the dough with hydration exceeding 100%


Highest power for the highest hydration of the dough

Professional ISP spiral machines are characterized by extremely high power, necessary to achieve high rotational speeds of the spiral. Thanks to this, it can perfectly knead a dough with very high hydration, which is a trend of the last few years.

Made 100% in Italy

The details make a big difference

The IPbake ISP5 MICROMIX spiral mixer, kneads the dough with hydration greater than 100%, thanks to its maximum speed of 300 spiral revolutions per minute. In addition, the ISP series mixers have slightly conical tanks to better oxygenate the dough and direct it to the inside of the bowl. These are the little details that make a big difference from the point of view of the final dough. Due to their special construction, the blenders maintain low temperature and do not heat the dough. These are machines that are not afraid of even intensive use and industrial production.

Uncompromising quality

IPBAKE machines have been designed and developed with particular emphasis on the quality of construction, using the highest quality components and assembly techniques to guarantee IPBAKE customers a product that always performs even in extreme working conditions.

Technical parameters

• Finished dough capacity = 1-5 kg
• Weight of flour = 0.4 - 2.5 kg
• Water capacity = 0.6 - 2.5 kg
• 220V - 50Hz power supply
• Dimensions (H-W-D) = 44 x 26 x 49 cm
• Weight = 34 kg
• 65-300 RPM spiral rotation speed
• 24-month warranty


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