Divella Pesto genovese 190g

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Divella Pesto genovese 190g.

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Green sauce from Genoa (Liguria) in Italy, the main ingredient of which is basil. Traditionally made in marble mortars with the addition of olive oil, basil, Parmesan or other finely grated hard cheese, pine nuts and salt. Contrary to the standard variety (pesto alla genovese), the red Sicilian pesto (pesto alla siciliana) contains sun-dried tomatoes. Served with bread, pasta, lettuce, cheese, etc. Pesto should not be heated because basil becomes bitter at high temperatures. In Italy it is mainly sold fresh, by weight or in small jars. The shelf life of the pesto after opening is approximately one week; they can be frozen if necessary.

Weight: 190 grams

Ingredients: sunflower oil (4%), basil (46%), glucose syrup, pine nuts (1.5%), grana padano cheese (4.%), pecorino romano cheese (1.5%), salt, olive oil extra virgin olives (1.5%), acidity regulator: lactic acid, granulated garlic


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