Edil Forni Nonno Peppe Legna - a wood-fired oven

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Edil Forni Nonno Peppe Legna is a large wood-fired oven equipped with a biscotto stone, which makes it possible to bake a genuine Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds in temperature as high as 500°C. Specially designed oven base and good insulation, the temperature is stable and maintained for a long time.

The set includes fireclay stone and Biscotto - a plate made of volcanic clay.
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Nonno Peppe Legna - a wood-fired oven

Edil Forni Nonno Peppe Legna is a large wood-fired oven with the baking area of 60x52cm. Special construction helps you make a fire and heat the oven up to 500°C in 30 minutes, allowing you to bake a Neapolitan pizza in less than 60 seconds. Thanks to the biscotto, which is a thick base, handmade from alluvial clay, it is possible to bake pizzas at the highest temperatures without burning their bottom.

Edil Forni Nonno Peppe is the most powerful, compact gas-fired oven dedicated to baking Neapolitan pizzas at a very reasonable price.

It is made 100% in Italy, in the sunny Sicily.

Edil Forni - a family tradition

60 years ago Giuseppe La Placa created the beginnings of Edil Planet Forni in the heart of Sicily, a country of great passions and pride in its traditions. Today Agostino, Luca and Dario continue the work of their grandfather with the very same passion and dedication. Their precious heritage is creating the best wood- and gas-fired ovens, with great attention to detail and using top quality materials, in the tradition of great Italian craftsmanship. A dream of all food lovers.

Official distributor of Edil Forni

We are the exclusive distributor of Edil Forni in Poland. We provide full warranty and post-warranty service in a door-to-door mode. If you have a problem with your oven, we will send a courier to pick it up, repair it, and ship it back to you, all at our expense. 

Technical specifications

• Weight: 65 kg

• Size: 82x90x76 cm (WxHxD)

• Biscotto size: 60 x 52 cm

• Maximum pizza size: 52 cm

• Maximum space above the stone: 30 cm

• Fuel: wood

• Materials: stainless steel, stainless steel rivets, clay baking stone - Biscotto

• Oven walls insulated with ceramic fibre 

• Steel door which shorten the preheating time

Edil Forni

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