Gi.Metal Azzurra pizza peel 33cm

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Aluminum round pizza peel with short 30cm handle ideal for Effeuno p134 ovens

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Your favourite pizza peel

Peel with neutral anodised head and light blue anodised handle. It has reduced weight compared to classic models, but is extremely sturdy with oval tubular handle to favour stability. The light and flexible head allows the scraper effect with appropriate ribbing that ensures resistance; the neutral anodising makes the surface even and protects it against oxidation; gentle, regular milling facilitates taking hold of the pizza. The head handle joint consists in the overlay of the two elements secured by three large rivets in line that guarantee safety and no movement, in addition the absence of vibrations transmitted to the handle make it more comfortable to use. The perforation ensures low friction and releases flour preventing it from sticking to the bottom of the pizza risking burning.

Head width: 33cm
Handle length: 30cm

Who is Gi.Metal

Pizza peels, pizza baking trays, baking peels, trolleys and much, much more than this. For over 30 years, Gi.Metal has been designing and manufacturing a range of professional tools for pizza restaurants and the catering services which are always available in stock to be delivered to over two thousands distributors worldwide. 

Gi.Metal is an Italian company based in Montale, in the district of Pistoia, with two subsidiaries abroad: one in the United States, in Chicago, and one in Brasil, in Curitiba.

The company mission is to co-operate with professional and amateur pizza makers, understanding their needs, the specific issues linked to their work and developing efficient solutions aimed at enabling them to work better, faster and in a more productive way.


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