Effeuno P234H 509 Pizza Oven

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EffeUno P234H - double-deck professional pizza oven allows you to prepare a pizza in as little as 90 seconds, on a certified refractory stone worktop. In addition, the inner chamber is illuminated by a halogen lamp, so you will see how your delicious pizza is baking. The oven has three independent thermostats, so you will be able to proof the temperature of each heater separately to start the pizza baking process.

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A professional oven in your kitchen.

Effeuno is an Italian manufacturer that has been offering a professional, the highest quality ovens for gastronomy since 2007. Easy Pizza and its model P234H is a compact oven with parameters and lines used in the best Italian pizzerias. Thanks to its increased dimensions and two chambers, it allows you to bake two pizzas same time.

The oven is made 100% in Italy.

The highest quality

The Effeuno P234H pizza oven was made of the highest quality stainless steel, it was used to make the baking chamber, housing and knobs. The outer and inner glass in the front door is made of tempered glass, while the inside is made of ceramic glass with low thermal conductivity. All the components used are made of the highest quality materials, capable of operating at very high temperatures. In addition, the outer casing maintains a low temperature during baking through forced ventilation and is equipped with a special seal for a soft door stop.

• Size of the pizza 33cm

• Bake two pizzas at the same time

• Mechanical control

• Baking chamber and housing made of stainless steel

• Baking on refractory stone

• Internal oven lighting

• Three 509 ° C thermostats

• Massive three-layer door with ceramic glass

• Silent closing of the door thanks to a fireproof seal

• Cold outer cover thanks to forced air circulation

• Stainless knobs

Technical parameters:

• External dimensions: 54 x 59 x 34.5 cm (width x depth x height)

• Internal dimensions: 35 x 41 x 7.5 (two chambers) cm (width x depth x height)

• Power supply: Volt ~ 230 / 50-60Hz

• Power: 3,1 kW

• Thermostat: 3x50-509 ° C

• Diameter of the pizza: 33cm

• Safe delivery on a pallet!


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